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In an era when it seems there are too many to count online casinos out there vying for your attention and of course your hard earned money you may find that a better choice is to head over to a long established and trusted online casino. The online casino that bears the name Thunderbolt Casino.

You may be interested to learn that Thunderbolt Casino is in fact one of the very few online casinos out there that can rightly claim to be South Africa based. As such, you can readily understand that Thunderbolt Casino wants you to know right up front that there is a clear focus on ‘catering to the South African customer’. How about a closer look at what Thunderbolt Casino has to offer?

Start with the fact that the online casino games available at Thunderbolt Casino are the product of RealTime Gaming. As you probably know, RealTime Gaming has established a reputation around the world for delivering top quality online casino games. These casino games are notable for their not to be missed visually stunning graphics and animations.

As far as the casino games themselves, pay attention to the fact that there is a good variety from which to pick your favorite. You will find the traditional and to be expected traditional table games such as Roulette, card table games and even Bingo. At the same time, you will readily appreciate the fact that Thunderbolt Casino has quite the selection of online slot machine games from which to choose. Better still, do not overlook the fact that a number of these slot machine games include progressive jackpots.

In terms of getting started with the casino action at Thunderbolt Casino, take a look at the rather generous R2,500 welcome bonus with your name on it. This is part of the 100% matching bonus that is offered to you when you first show up at Thunderbolt Casino and announce yourself as a newcomer to the site. Get this: that 100% matching bonus extends all the way through your first four real money deposits.

To get started with the action at Thunderbolt Casino, note that there are no less than three ways to play. There is the download option for your desktop, there is the instant Play it Now option through your web browser and there is the mobile version of Thunderbolt Casino in both Android and iOS versions.

All things considered, Thunderbolt Casino has a lot to offer the South African online casino player. Perhaps now is the time to confirm this for yourself?

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