Banking Options at SA Online Casinos

If you decide to play in the real money mode at any of our highly recommended South African online casinos, you will need to find a suitable way of adding funds to your account. The great news is that there are plenty of effective online casino payment options for you to choose from.

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Visa & MasterCard Credit Cards

One of the safest and most reliable South African online casino payment options is the Visa & MasterCard credit card option. Using one of these credits cards at an online casino is the most reliable way of adding funds to your account and both Visa & MasterCard are known for their extremely high levels of security. All of the casinos that are featured on this site accept Visa and MasterCard credit cards, plus most other major credit cards are also accepted.

The great thing about depositing with Visa or MasterCard is the speed in which the transactions are processed and also the high deposit limits that you are allowed. Depositing with Visa & MasterCard is really easy and this is why these credit cards have become a popular online payment method for so many South African players.

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Direct Bank Transfer

Using a Direct Bank Transfer is a great way to fund your gaming account and this reliable South African online payment method can also be used to withdraw funds. You can send money to your online casino in much the same way that you would send money between any of your own personal bank accounts. A Direct Bank Transfer is perfectly secure and this is also an extremely effective online payment solution.

The thing that you need to remember when using a Direct Bank Transfer to send money to your favourite online casino is that your funds may not arrive instantly. In some cases you may have to wait up to three days for the cash to clear and show up in your account, so if you are not in so much of a hurry, but need a reliable means of depositing, Direct Bank Transfers could be the method for you.

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Wire Transfer

A Wire Transfer is slightly different from the Direct Bank Transfer and this is also often referred to as a SWIFT transfer. To send money using a Wire Transfer, the player must initiate the money transfer request for this type of payment with his or her bank. A Wire Transfer basically transfers money from a player’s account directly to his or her preferred online gaming account.

Players can deposit and withdraw using a Wire Transfer and this effective online payment solution is really easy to use, plus it is relatively fast. If you are based in South Africa and have an active bank account, this is definitely an online payment solution that you could consider using, especially if you prefer not to use credit or debit cards and also if you prefer not to use eWallets such as NETELLER or Skrill.

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Skrill eWallet

Skrill is quite possible the most famous eWallet in the world and it is currently accepted at each of our featured South African online casinos. This secure online payment option for South African players allows you to deposit funds in to your favourite online casino, plus it also allows you to withdraw your funds. Deposits are usually processed in an instant and withdrawals can take up to 48 hours.

Depositing with Skrill and at online casino or making a withdrawal with Skrill is really easy. You need to register with Skrill to use their money transfer services and then you need to top up your Skrill account so that you can send those funds to your preferred gaming account. You can top up your skrill account in a number of different ways.

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NETELLER is also a reliable eWallet for South African players. This perfectly secure online payment option allows you to deposit funds into your gaming account and it allows you to withdraw your winnings. NETELLER processes deposits in a matter of seconds and withdrawals can take up to a maximum of 48 hours. NETELLER also comes with extremely high levels of security.

Signing up to NETELLER is free and topping up your NETELLER eWallet account is easy. You can use a number of different methods to top up your eWallet and then you can instantly start sending those available funds to your preferred online casino. The great thing about depositing & withdrawing with NETELLER is that it is really easy to use and that it is accepted at each of our featured online casinos.

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