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South Africa Online Gambling Announcement

There is some rather interesting news in the South African gambling market. As you know, there is the seemingly never ending efforts by some in the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) to thwart any efforts to expand online gambling options.

At the same time, there are developments that actually look to be rather promising for proponents of increased online gambling options for South Africans. One such development just showed in the form of a recent announcement from a company by the name of Pazriplay Ltd.

For the record, Pariplay Ltd. is a gaming technology company focused on iLotteries, iGaming operators as well as brick and mortar gambling sites. Anyway the point to note here is that Pariplay Ltd. just announced a new partnership with LottoStar.

Chances are that you have seen the name LottoStar. After all, LottoStar is the brand behind the South African lottery. LottoStar provides online wagering to South Africans through its access to International Lotteries. These lotteries include such names as EuroMillions, SuperEnalotto, Spanish Daily, EuroJackpot, the USA’s Powerball and Mega Millions.

So that is the background that you need to understand. Now the question is what does this new partnership mean to the South African online casino player? According to Pariplay, this new venture will mena LottoStar players will have new gaming options.

These gaming options include a wide range of Pariplay instant win games. In addition, with this new partnership, LottoStar players will now be able to access the games available from the Fusion content network.

That network includes such enticing casino games as Atari Asteroids, Atari Star Raiders, Cops and Robbers, Cash Cuisine and more. Interestingly, that also means that now casino players can enjoy original scratch games.

Enthusiastically speaking out about the new partnership, the General Manager of Pariplay Ltd., Adrian Bailey had this to say: “…our games complement iLottery wagering brands core offerings. Our cutting edge branded games will support LottoStar’s player acquistion and also helps retain the brand’s existing customers.”

Well there you go. That is clearly good news for South African online casino players. Increased online gaming options made available with this new partnership. The question now is whether legislators will take notice. Will the South African government finally realize that South Africans prefer the option of online gambling sites? Will this new partnership be the first of many more to come?

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