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Would R10,000 In Your Wallet Get Your Attention?

Most likely, you have answered yes to that question. In that case, you very well might want to heard over to Fly Casino and check them out.

Surely you have heard of Fly Casino! Fly Casino is known for its impressive catalogue of online slot machine games. Actually, the inventory of online slots available matches, if not surpasses many other online casino out there, especially online casinos that cater to smart players from South Africa.

What’s to like about Fly Casino and their online slot machine games? Start with the basics. Head over to the slots and you will see an impressive list of 17 Classic Slots. Just in case you forgot, classic slots are typically defined as slot games with 3 reels that have one, three or even five win lines. For the classic slots, Fly Casino offers fixed jackpots of varying sizes and amounts. For example, the fixed jackpots can vary in size from 105 times the player’s original stake all the way up to 10,000 times the original stakes. Even better, two of these classic slots are linked with progressive jackpots.

Moving right along, the next thing you will experience at Fly Casino is their video slot machine games. Here, Fly Casino went all out. There are over 100 titles. Now you need to understand that video slot machine games are a bit more complex than the classic slots mentioned above. For example, look at the video slot called Lucky Panda. Would you believe there are 1,025 possible win lines? Yet, this increased complexity can pay off for you and pay off in a big way. Here’s why: the jackpots are bigger, sometimes much bigger than the jackpots associated with classic slots. Not only that, out of the more than 100 video slots available, 24 of them are linked to progressive jackpots.

One thing you want to note is the two types of jackpots available. As seen from the above, there are typically two types of jackpots available at most online casinos. There is the fixed jackpot where you are more limited in how much you can win. On the other hand, there is the progressive jackpot where your winnings can be truly astronomical.

Bottom line is this: if online slots are your thing, you deserve a few moments to check out Fly Casino. To make you feel right at home, they will welcome you with an incredible R10, 000 first deposit bonus.

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