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Out Of This World Online Slot You Must See

Perhaps you heard something or the other about what some are calling a rather unusual slot machine game. Pay attention to the fact that this relatively new online is the proud creation of Red Tiger Gaming. If you have not yet heard about Red Tiger Gaming, suffice it to say that most likely you soon will.

More to the point today, Red Tiger Gaming could be considered a relative newcomer in the casino software development field only having first opened its doors back in 2014. Yet don’t make the mistake thinking that the relatively short history of Red Tiger Gaming means the casino games are subpar.

Far from it. In fact, you may be quite interested to learn that the team assembled at Red Tiger Gaming headquarters includes a virtual who’s who of some of the world’s top talent. Get this, the Red Tiger Gaming staff includes experts in software development and graphics design along with a team of mathematicians and psychologists. In other words, not your average ordinary casino software company by any stretch of the imagination.

With that sort of background in mind, you most likely expect this new online slot by the name of Gems Gone Wild to be noticeably different from the typical online slot machine game. And you will not be disappointed, not by any stretch of the imagination.

Think graphics that are sharp and unbelievably crisp along with animations that rival the best cinematic productions. Naturally, there is intriguing soundtrack that accompanies each stage of the game.

Speaking of the online slot machine game itself, not that the Gems Gone Wild shows up as a five reel slot with 20 possible paylines. That means you can create winning combinations from left to right, from right to left in addition to the times when you just so happen to land matching symbols on three central adjacent reels.

Note that Gems Gone Wild is set up so that you have complete control of the wager amount. You can wager from as little as R0.20 all the way up to R500.00 per spin. In addition, there is a built in autoplay option that allows you to keep the action going with up to 100 automatic spins while still giving you complete control to set the win or loss when the auto feature shuts off.

Bottom line is this; the Gems Gone Wild is the sort of online slot machine game you have to experience for yourself to really appreciate all of the built in features favoring slots fans.

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