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Online Slot With 49 Times Multiplier

Does that sound just a little bit unusual? Odd as it may at first sound, there is an exciting online slot machine game out there that really does have a built in 49 times multiplier. You will find this massive multiplier and quite a number of other exciting features at an online slot machine game by the name of Dragon Born.

As you could probably figure out from the name, the theme with Dragon Born is all about the goings on at a medieval kingdom’s court along with what looks to be a fantastical dragon. Here’s how the game play looks when you show up at Dragon Born. This online slot machine game begins with a rather fierce looking red colored dragon on one side of Dragon Born. You will see that when this dragon takes over at least one symbol on one of the 6 reels, the members of the court show up. You see, the symbols that look to be regular poker cards on the reels are transformed into the court members when the dragon takes over that symbol.

You may be interested to learn that Dragon Born is the creation of an online casino software development company by the name of Big Time Gaming. Truth be told, the name Big Time Gaming may not be as widely known as some of the larger online casino software development companies such as RealTime Gaming, Playtech and the like. Yet, that being said, if Dragon Born is an example of the quality of the work that Big Time Gaming does, you may well expect to see even more exciting games from them in the near future.

Back to Dragon Born and a few other details you will want to take note of. Start with that 49 times multiplier mentioned earlier. You will want to clearly understand that Dragon Born has the potential to award you with a fairly sizable jackpot. You see, once the wild symbols suddenly show up without warning, what looked to be a modest potential winning amount is multiplied by 49. When totaled up, a R2,000 winning amount could end up as a R98,000 jackpot. You will see this in your Dragon Born gameplay when you spot a pair of wilds showing up on the reels at the same time.

From what you have read thus far, you can easily see the attraction of Dragon Born. Now it is as good a time as any to head over there and check out this intriguing online slot machine game for yourself.

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