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Online Slot Sets New Standard For Fun

It turns out that there is a rather entertaining slot machine game out there that you will definitely want to know about. If you have been in and around the online casino world for any length of time, you most likely want to first find out the name of the casino software development company that crafted the online slot machine game.

In this case, that software company is World Match. For the record, World Match first set up shop back in 2003. Note that World Match prides itself on creating casino games best classified as premium quality. Moreover, note that World Match is seen as satisfying the needs of the most demanding casino operator while still taking care of the casino player.

Anyway, one online slot from World Match recently released to the public that you will want to seek out is named Circus Evolution. As you might well expect from such a name, the slot theme is all about the thrill of circus entertainment. You will see right away that Circus Evolution shows up a 5 reel video slot with rows. Naturally, all of the symbols support the circus theme; you will see the lion tamer, a weight lifter, a trumpeting elephant, pretty ladies, clowns and more.

You will appreciate the Circus Evolution feature that awards you with 3 Free Spins. Pay attention to the fact that any winnings that come your way during any Free Spins round is automatically doubled. Note that the Wild Symbol has the built in power to substitute for any symbol.

Interestingly, you may well appreciate that Circus Evolution includes a Spin Stop feature. Not a common feature to be sure, but most certainly it can add a bit of excitement to your online slots game. Spin Stop does exactly what it say, it brings the spinning reels to an immediate halt. That means you can actually use this feature to speed up your game play and quite possibly land on the winning combination more frequently.

Yet another entertaining feature you will enjoy with Circus Evolution is the Bonus Game. The Bonus game involves a set of colorful balloons that take center stage. During this bonus game action, your gameplay is all about lobbing darts at the balloons. Every time your dart hits a balloon, you can watch as your winnings suddenly multiply.

Naturally there is quite a bit more to like and appreciate with Circus Evolution. Best you check it out for yourself.

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