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Online Casinos: The Untold Story

Surely you have noticed the rise of so-called internet based services throughout South Africa. In fact the growth of online services has only accelerated as more and more South Africans get their hands on the latest Smartphone. The magnitude of this rush to online services in locations such as South Africa was highlighted in a recent report issued by IBIS World research.

According to IBIS, over the next five years or so, global online revenue will increase by at least 8.6 percent each year. Moreover a significant portion of that increase will in fact show up in South Africa. Yet even more fascinating is the very real evidence that much of the growth in online services in South Africa is derived from online casinos such as Springbok Casino.

More tellingly, the fact is that online gambling sites such as Springbok Casino have been at the forefront of providing online services for quite some time now. Consider just a few of the benefits that these online casino sites are already offering to South African consumers. There are a wide range of services to the online casino players, there are interactive and engaging online games, there are informative and sometimes revealing blogs, there are numerous articles and tutorials just to name a few.

In short, the online casinos are showing the rest of the way for other online services who will simply take the time to pay attention. In other words, online casino sites such as Springbok Casino are providing a real working model on how to conduct business online.

You would think that the South African government would actually be looking at these sites to see how to bring in additional revenues to the state coffers. Oddly however, all appearances suggest that the government of South Africa is doing the exact opposite. This opposing position has been assumed despite recommendations to the contrary. Even though the South African Gambling Review Commission made specific recommendations to go ahead and legalize South African online gambling, the government has essentially squashed the whole idea.

No way, no how, seems to be the message from the South African government. Yet one can’t help but wonder what is going on here. After all, it is commonly known and accepted that online casinos are but a click away. Why would South Africa let offshore online casino operators keep all of the online gambling revenue? After all, countries such as the U.K. have demonstrated that legalized and regulated online gambling can and does work.

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