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Inching Closer And Closer

South African online casino player and online gambling fans now have a good reason to celebrate. The full legalization of online gambling in South Africa is getting closer and closer each day.

For example, as soon as October of this year, there is the second annual Big Africa Summit scheduled. This event will take place in Johannesburg and will in many respects be a giant step forward to bringing in legally authorized online casinos.

Just take a look at the types of attendees that are expected to be there. There will be CEOs, leading casino game operators, representatives from sports books, online gaming software development companies, payment processors and much more. That is to say, this time it’s for real, South Africa is on the verge of bringing online casino action to their residents.

Of course, as you may well expect there will be much time devoted to going over the planned regulation of new online casinos. Additionally there will be sessions for explaining to investors and online casino operators how to best enter the South Africa online casino market.

Get this, in another sign of the times, there are planned discussions on payment processors. Interestingly, one of the scheduled sessions will be all about the possibilities of using Bitcoin as part of the payment processing systems.

More to the point, this summit will address what are considered key issues for the the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI). The DTI is the entity responsible for both creating the new regulations for online casinos as well as enforcing these regulations once online casinos are authorized.

In a nod to the existing land based casinos that are already operating throughout South Africa, there will be specific presentations on how best to deal with new competition from remote based online casinos.

As you can see, it’s a brand new day for South Africa. The government and elected officials have finally seen the light and are taking active steps to bring their residents what they have wanted all along, access to online casino action. Or perhaps it is simply a nod to the inevitable, an acknowledgment that South Africa residents are already visiting online casinos anyway.

Either way, it’s a good sign for South Africa as they embrace the modern era, recognizing that people want to enjoy online casino action when and where they want.

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