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Flash Wins Out!

At least in the South Africa online casino world that is. What is this all about? Well despite some not so good press in the online world over the last year or so about the decline use of Flash technology, Adobe Flash is still the preferred method for providing innovative graphics, animations and online gaming experiences around the world.

Consider this is even more so in some locations. While it may be true that the use of Flash on websites is declining in the United States, in other countries such as South Africa, the use of Adobe Flash is actually growing.

First, a quick review of the basics of Flash technology. Provided by Adobe Systems, Flash has long been know for providing rich Internet experiences. Flash works by manipulating what are called vector and raster graphics behind the scenes to provide animations. Moreover, Flash allows both video and audio to be streamed back and forth at the same time.

With that in mind, it’s no wonder that a perennial favorite South African online casino has listened to the people and rolled out a Flash version. In case you happened to miss out on the press release, this online casino is none other than SilverSands Casino. Only this time, this version is dubbed the SilverSands Flash Casino.

So what? Why should you care? First of all, having access to a Flash based online casino means a couple of things. Number one is that you won’t have to ever worry about downloading and installing software. And of course that also means you won’t have to ever worry about upgrading your downloaded software anytime the developer makes a slight change to the code. Number two is that your online casino play is greatly enhanced.

The Flash technology provides an online casino experience like no other. You may well think you are in a live casino after just one session. But hold on, it’s even better than that. Since the team behind this new Flash version want you to try it out for yourself, they put together an enticing welcome package for South African online casino players.

To proudly celebrate the launch of this new Flash casino, SilverSands Flash is boldly offering everyone to come try it out with a fairly generous no deposit bonus worth R100. To get yours, all you have to do is enter the promo code of Flash100. Stop on by and check out this new Flash version and claim your bonus today.

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