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Building On A Winner at Springbok Online Casino

If you have spent any time at all in and around the online casinos that cater to the South African online gambler chances are good that you already know the name Springbok Casino. You are most likely well acquainted with Springbok and how the team there is always striving to deliver the best in online casino games.

One such that Springbok rolled out last year was the online slot machine game named Three Stooges III. This online slot proved incredibly popular to the online slots player so SpringBok Casino decided to take it one step further. This year, SpringBok Casino just recently released a newer and even more engaging online slot machine game. This online slot builds on the theme of The Three Stooges but adds in some unique features.

SpringBok Casino has chosen the name Three Stooges Brideless for this new variant of the The Three Stooges theme. This online slot machine game arrives with an incredible 33 paylines available. There are generous bonus features which award Free Spins and even multipliers. Better still, there are Whacky Wilds which can suddenly show up at random.

Here is one way the wilds can show up during your gameplay. If the animated Three Stooges symbol happens to pop up on the middle reel, an automatic respin is triggered. Alternatively, when one of the wild symbols appear on reels 2, 3, or 4 a unique feature of this online slot game called Stooge Picks is triggered.

With Stooge Picks, the online slots player is now on a quest to discover two pieces of a broken heart. When both of these pieces are located, additional Free Spins are awarded. Or as is sometimes the case, at times locating the two broken heart pieces will trigger Whacky Wilds or even enhanced bet multipliers.

But wait; incredibly there is even more. Hidden deep within the game is a feature referred to as the Lucky Stooge. If you should happen to trigger the Lucky Stooge (which shows up at random) you will suddenly find yourself awarded up to 33 Free Spins.

Wow! SpringBok Casino has really gone all out in the latest variation of the The Three Stooges theme. Speaking out on the popularity of this theme, casino manager Daniel van Wyk was quoted as saying:L “I’ve never seen an online casino game become so popular as the first Three Stooges did”.

Obviously, SpringBok Casino is listening to its online casino fans by giving them even more of what they want.

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