Roulette Guide

The main three types of roulette you can expect to find online today include American Roulette, European Roulette and French Roulette. These popular table games can now be found at each of our top-rated South African online casinos and you can play on these games either in the real money mode or in the free play mode.

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Online Roulette Information

Roulette is one of the most famous casino games in the world and there are some fantastic versions currently available online. You have the option of being able to play most roulette varieties either instantly in your browser or from within a download client at each of our highly recommended South African online casinos.

Roulette is quite an easy game to learn how to play, but it may take you a few minutes or a few rounds to get used to the betting table and the many different bet types that are available. We recommend taking a few minutes to read through the roulette rules when playing any kind of roulette for the very first time, or at least play a few games in the free play demo mode to begin with if you have never played before. Most of today’s leading online casino software providers such as Playtech and NetEnt have produced a fantastic range of roulette varieties.

All you have to do when playing this game is try and guess where the ball might come to land on the roulette wheel. As soon as you have place your bets, the ball will be released around the roulette wheel. Before it comes to rest in one of the slots on the roulette wheel, it will spin around this wheel for about 20 seconds before finally stopping in a random slot. You have to strategically place your chips on the roulette betting table and then hope that this is where the ball ends up.

You can find some of the following bet types when playing roulette at any of our favourite online casinos. One of the most common bets is the Red/Black bet, or the Odd/Even bet. This particular bet comes with 1:1 odds, so if you bet ZAR100 on red and the result is red, you will be paid R200 (your initial R100 stake returned + R100 winnings). The same odds are associated with the 1-18 bet or the 19-36 bet. If you bet on 1-18, it means that you think the ball will come to rest in the numbered 1-18 slots on the roulette wheel.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the other bet types that are available when playing online roulette. You can place a bet on the Column/Dozen outcome which has 2:1 odds. The Line Bet has 5:1 odds. The Corner Bet has 8:1 odds. The Street Bet has 11:1 odds. The Split Bet has 17:1 odds and the Straight Up bet usually has 35:1 odds. Check out this exciting table game today and remember that it should only take a few practice goes to get to grips with.

Some of our recommended South African online casinos also now have progressive jackpot roulette available. Marvel Roulette from Playtech is one of the best Progressive Jackpot Roulette varieties available online today and this can now be found in most of our top-rated Playtech powered casinos.