Blackjack Guide

One of the most popular games in any online casino today is blackjack and there are multiple version of this card game available. You can also now play online blackjack either in the real money mode or in the free play mode at any of our most highly recommended South African online casinos.

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Online Blackjack Information

Blackjack is a really easy game to learn how to play and it is famous for being such as fast paced game. Approximately 100 different varieties are available online today and the fundamental rules are basically the same with each version. You can also now find several progressive jackpot blackjack varieties and it is possible to play blackjack either instantly in your browser or from within a perfectly secure download client. If you haven’t ever played this game before, it would be a good idea to play a few hands either in the free play mode or at least play each hand with a relatively low bet until you are familiar with the rules.

When playing blackjack online, the aim is to try and beat the dealer. You don’t have to try and beat any other players and you can sit down at single hand blackjack tables or at multihand blackjack tables. Most multihand blackjack tables allow you to play up to as many as five hands at a time. All you need to do when you are ready to play is set your stake and hit ‘deal’ (or the button could say ‘start’ or ‘draw’) and as soon as you start a new hand you will be dealt two cards. All of the other players (including the dealer) will also be dealt two cards and one of the dealer’s cards will be dealt face up for you to see.

You must then add the value of these two cards together and hope that your hand adds up to 21 points, or as close to 21 as possible. The person with the hand closer to 21 points will win and the actual scoring works as follows: A King, Queen and Jack are all worth 10 points. The Ace can be worth 1 point or 11 points and all of the other cards are worth their face value in points. So if you are dealt a 4 and a King, your total would be 14 points.

If the dealer has a Queen and a 9, the hand would be worth 19 points. You haven’t lost yet though because you have the option of being able to hit (which means that you would like to take another card to try and improve your hand). Your next card might be a 6, which means that you would end up with 20 points (4+10+6 =20) and you would win this hand because the dealer cannot draw any more cards. The dealer normally has to draw to 16 and must stand on all 17s.

The best possible hand would be a 10 and an Ace on those first two cards and this is known as a ‘natural blackjack’. The only way that you couldn’t win with this hand is if the dealer happens to have an identical hand, which means that the round would end in a tie (aka a push) and you will instantly receive your initial stake back. Blackjack usually pays 2:1 and you also normally have one or two other in-play options available such as being able to take insurance, double, or even split certain hands.