Wire Transfer - SA Casino Banking Option

A reliable way for South African players to deposit funds into their online casino account is the Wire Transfer method. You can deposit using Wire Transfers safe in the knowledge that your personal details will never be shared with a third party and that your funds will always be in safe hands.

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Wire Transfer Banking Method Info

One of the most reliable online casino payment options for South African players is the Wire Transfer method and this perfectly secure online payment solution is now accepted at each of our top rated South African online casinos. This is a great way to add funds to your gaming account and it is also really easy to process a transaction using this particular method.

Unfortunately the Wire Transfer is not the fastest of all online casino payment solutions, but the high levels of security that protect each transaction still make the Wire Transfer an obvious choice for a large number of players. A Wire Transfer is also often referred to as a SWIFT Transfer. To initiate this payment option the player must request this type of payment option from his or her bank.

The amount of time that it takes for a Wire Transfer to be processed can vary a great deal from one transaction to the next, but it should never take more than a week for your transaction to be processed. As soon as you have used this simple method once, future deposits using a Wire Transfer should become even easier for you.

Sending money to an online casino using a Wire Transfer is just the same as sending cash to pay for goods at any other online retailer. You can send a Wire Transfer to an online casino simply by contacting your bank and telling them how much you would like to send to your preferred gaming account. You must pay any associated fees that are applied to that particular transaction and then all you have to do is wait for your funds to arrive at your favourite online casino.

One of the downsides to sending money via Wire Transfer is the annoying fees that are applied. It will also cost the receiver of the funds a small amount to receive those funds as well, making it the most expensive online casino payment option. However, these charges are not too severe, but if you are looking for a FREE online casino payment option, perhaps the Wire Transfer is not the option for you.

The Wire Transfer payment option has been around forever and most players have access to this particular method. This is one of the most reliable money transfer services in the world, plus it is also handy to have as a back-up method as well. Wire Transfers can be used if you are having trouble using your preferred payment method.

One of the main advantages of the Wire Transfer is that it is perfectly secure. It is also really easy to use and it takes less time to send money than it does to send a paper check. If you are not in too much of a rush and if you happen to be searching for a reliable and perfectly secure payment option, the Wire Transfer option could be the ideal payment solution for you.